Akshay Dinesh

Hello! I am Akshay Dinesh. I work as an interface and front end developer. I have passion for pixel perfect, minimal, and easy to use interfaces.

About Me

Short bio

In short, I am a tech geek. I spend most of my time tinkering with technology and seeing new ways to make things work. My expertise ranges from hardware modification to web app development. I enjoy these tasks, in fact, and aim to increase and expand my knowledge in these vast categories day by day. I am currently a high school freshman, passionate for computer science with a focus on Cybersecurity and FinTech. I have built multiple successful online businesses from the ground up, catching high in revenue. Otherwise, I am driven by my love for business & finance.

What I Do

Content Creation

Good website content builds online presence by cultivating credibility and trust. I have a passion for writing high quality original articles of all niches. I have written content for many websites so far and have done so with great interest.

Web Design

Websites are an essential part of a business or an organization. I help showcase a business idea into a professional website. I have created a plethora of websites in my free time.

WordPress Solutions

More than 455 million sites live on the internet use WordPress. It's a growing trend which offers so many advantages when compared to other CMS solutions. I am specialized in WordPress development and theme customization.

SEO/Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of gaining exposure on search engines through organic, editorial, or natural results. I consider myself an expert at this; having many client websites ranking well.

Latest Posts

Throughout my blog, I share my experiences and lessons learned, mistakes made, and big-wins!